The online course that helps you Write with Knowledge, Purpose and Wisdom

Don't create content on a whim and hope your readers will enjoy it. 

Learn how to create an audience, build authority, collect raving fans and turn your blog into a business.

One of the biggest problems, that even the most experienced bloggers face, is that they feel burnt out creating content after content but not getting the desired interaction.

It is frustrating to go from Facebook to WhatsApp to Instagram to Pinterest sharing your posts, hoping for click-throughs, likes or shares! 

Wondering why people don't opt-in to the email list or want the freebies you created? It is very heartbreaking to go on promoting your product for days but see no sales.

The secret behind all of this lies in understanding the audience. 

Research shows that readers take 10-20 seconds before they decide whether they should read your content or skip it.

Publishing more blog posts or sharing more pictures on Instagram/ Pinterest won't do you any good, if you don't know how to keep the reader reading longer than those 20 seconds.

Introducing Writing with Wisdom

My blogging mentorship course helps you write with confidence, clarity and purpose to drive not just traffic but sales - yes -SALES! 

This course helps you build your blog, bring your audience to you, create products that your raving fans will thank you for creating!

Don't guess-timate or copy what other bloggers are doing. Create your own brand and authority with my proven methods.  

In this five week course, I will teach you:

  • The powerful secret to understanding your audience.
  • The magic ingredient that will make readers share your content (but most bloggers don't know what it is)
  • How to convert your reader to a loyal fan who wants to keep coming back for more
  • The simple formula to creating products that your reader wants to buy from you.
  • How to write that people consider you a leader - an authority, in your field.

Who is this course for? 

  • You have had a blog for 6 months or more and are very serious about it.
  • You have been writing regularly, doing everything that was recommended to you by 'big bloggers' yet...
  • You are frustrated with the promotion and marketing part of blogging.
  • You are ready to monetize your blog but don't know why your content won't convert.
  • You are forced to choose between your blog and family because neither of them give you space to do what you love.

I am looking for bloggers who want to make blogging their business. If you have the passion and the dedication, come and join me.

When does it start?

The course starts 1st October 2020.

Writing with Wisdom is a 5 week course with 1 module each week. Each module includes videos , downloadable PDFs and skill building worksheets. The videos will be recorded and available to watch later as well.


Who am I to teach you all this?

Ayesha Siddiqua (popularly known by her brand name Jeddah Mom) has been in the blogging business for 17 years. 

She has worked on her own blogs as well as collaborated with several bloggers to write on different websites.  Aysh has also worked professionally as an editor in several magazines and bigger blogs. She has experience working as an SEO expert and even as part of marketing teams to some international brands. 

Ayesha has experience creating and selling hundreds of her own digital products through her parenting, kids activities and craft blogs. She is also a passionate affiliate marketeer. Her readers love her products and wait impatiently for her launches.

Her blog Jeddah Mom has been featured on Baby Center, Dubai Women, Daily Mail, Huffpost, SITS Girls, Expat Blogger, and a host of other places in the past 14 years. Jeddah Mom won the Best Productivity and Personal Development Muslimah Blogger's Award this year. It is also featured in the top 5 position of Feedspot, as the top 5 most popular blog in Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years.

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