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How to start a blog for FREE

Do you want to start blog but don't know where to begin? This post is to answer all the questions that newbie bloggers have on how to start a blog for free.

There are many reasons to want to start a blog but the biggest remains that there is a budding writer in all of us. Whatever your reason may be, I hope this post will help you learn how to start a blog for free.
I have been blogging since 2003. It has been 15 years! I started just after my graduation and today, I really wish I had known that my hobby would become my profession and the means to earn from home while I sleep! Literally.

Fast forward to now, I am starting this new blog to teach people how I do it -Blogging with Wisdom. No need to get overwhelmed, work 24hrs a day or be frustrated that you are making no progress. Let me show you how to blog for years to come. Should you start a hobby blog or a professional one? For first time bloggers, who are stepping into this new adventure, I always advise that you start on a f…

12 Things To Know Before You Start a Blog

Do you want to start a blog? Here are 12 things that I want everyone to know before they start blogging.

15 years ago, on 23rd October 2003, I set out to become a blogger. I had no idea that years later, I would have turned my hobby into a full time job. I have already written about my journey into Blogosphere here. Today, I am writing for those of you who have asked me about Blogging and shown interest in wanting to start a blog themselves.

So you want to be a blogger? Here is what you should know.
What is a blog?  When I first started blogging, blogs were called as a weblog and that is what they really were - a log of thoughts on the web. Bloggers wrote about their life, their daily struggles, ideas they had, intellectual discussions and debates. They were budding writers, amateur artists and some professionals too! There were scientists, students and mathematicians! Weblogging was their platform for ideas that they wanted to share with the world.

We used it to practice what we lea…